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Bahaadeen M. Alqazwini

-Date of birth: 1965
-Licentiateship from British Institute of Professional Photography 1998.
-Member of Royal Photographic Sosiety 1996.
-Faraj Alajeel Co/ Alajeel Center of Photographic Equipment.
-I teached Photography in Kuwait University/ Community Service and Continuing Education 1995/1996.
-I teached Photography in Science Club 1995/1998.
-I teached Photography in Public Authority for Applied Education and training 1998/1999.
-I teached Photography in Bayt Lothan 1998, 1999, 2000.
-I teached Photography in Photo Tech. Exhibition 1998.
-Taught Photography in photo magazine 1999.
-Judged and supervised photographic exhibitions and competitions in 1995, 1996,
1997, 2000.
-Participated in photographic courses and exhibitions outside of Kuwait 1997,
1998, 1999, 2000.
-Participated in the first photographic exhibition "The Photographer Finger Prints" 1996. In addition, The second photographic exibition "The Photographer Touch" 1997.
-Participated in the Kuwaiti Photographer Team "The Frame" 1998. In addition, The second Kuwaiti Photographer Team "The Frame 2" 1999.

Bahaadeen Alqazwini